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Alexandra Venier Ledesma aka Alex, was introduced to Yoga in 2001 while living and working in Miami Beach, where she saw 16 month old toddlers relaxing in savasana, the final yoga position.  At that moment, Alex was sold!  Her yoga journey began.

Today, Alex is a mom of 2, living in Rockaway Beach, NY and she has been a certified yoga instructor for over 15 years. She maintained a consistent practice during both pregnancies and can attest first hand to the many benefits of pre and postnatal yoga classes. Alex loves teaching yoga to all ages, from infants to adults. Her classes nurture and empower the self!  Her "mommy & me" style classes are magical, and her prenatal classes will get you ready for birth. Alex’s aerial classes will make you feel like a child, playful and carefree. Plus, the feedback from your core and other parts of your body will be strength!

Alex teaches open level and advanced yoga classes, as well as prenatal, postnatal, aerial yoga, and childrens/family yoga classes. Her classes are core strong and based on individual anatomy. You will flow safely and mindfully through skillfully sequenced yoga asanas. Her teaching will invigorate your nervous system, detox the mind and body, and leave you feeling empowered and ready to face the day! Namaste!!

Trainings and Certifications:

RCY Radiant Child Yoga 

200 hr Yoga certification, Astanga, Iyanger and Viniyoga 

300 hr Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga, Sadie Nardini

Prenatal & Postnatal certificate from Yoga Works

Studied with Tom Myers, author “Anatomy Trains” and Dr. Eden Fromberg, OBGYN and midwife


Club H, Upper West Side, NYC

Mala Yoga, Brooklyn, NYC

Area Yoga, Brooklyn, NYC

Abhaya Yoga, Brooklyn, NYC

Jewel City Yoga, Brooklyn, NYC

Ocean Bliss Yoga, Rockaway Beach, NYC

Harbor Fitness Gym, Mill Basin, NYC

Arise Yoga, Brooklyn, NYC

Children's Yoga Experience: 

Montessori Schools in Alexandria, Fairfax, VA and NYC, 

German School Wortspiele, NYC 

Kinderhaus, NYC

Monkey Do, NYC

Abhaya Yoga, NYC

Private classes for individuals and families

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My mission as your guide is to share heathy, mindful living and fierce self-care so that you can live all stages of life with more contentment and grace.  In doing so, you learn to honor yourself and find the balance between stillness and movement, strength and ease, multitasking and single-tasking, and engagement and relaxation.  Join me in training your body and mind for increased enjoyment and health!  Together, we will up-level your immune system and all other bodily systems so that you can live a free, active, and healthy lifestyle.  We will improve your overall wellbeing for a joyful and mobile long life with movement and strengthening asanas (ancient yoga poses) that don’t tear you down, but build you up, detox, hydrate your fascia and joints!  The primary reason why our elders end up in nursing homes is immobility.  My personal goal is to keep practicing yoga safely and with joy until my time comes. Live more in the present moment, rewire yourself to live a life of gratitude and learn to manage life stressful situations gracefully. Join me in meditation and movement; strengthen and stretch safely so you can practice yoga all your life and reap a multitude of benefits this practice has to offer. Low impact such as wear and tear on your physical body but major impact in leading a healthy, able, content and resilient life. I acknowledge, Yoga is not the answer to all of life’s ailments, but it can make our journey through the different stages of life more connected, aware, easeful, and enjoyable.  There is this saying, “Yoga doesn't make our life better, but it does make us better at life” — in any stage, I want to add!

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