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Alex has been tailoring one on one yoga sessions for the individual, couples and groups of all ages successfully for her private clients for years. If you are looking to deepen your yoga practice get in touch. 
Alex will guide you through a  combination of practices tailored to your needs such as: yoga; meditation and breathing; strength and endurance building; making mindful choices; prenatal preparation for birth and postnatal healing and returning to your core self. The physical yoga practice is low impact with a healthy and able body in mind. She will guide you through all ranges of motions to lubricate joints while strengthening and lengthening muscles and keeping the bones healthy.  This customized practice will help you work toward releasing whatever no longer serves you physically, mentally or emotionally. Your practice will allow you to open up, strengthen and heal your body, mind and spirit. Letting go of what doesn't serve any longer, making room to invite in what you need and what helps you and uplifts you.

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