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Core Pelvic Floor Workshop

Alex Venier invites you to join her for Part 2 of her Core & Pelvic Floor Workshop. Get to know your inner core (manipura chakra) more deeply and explore the core to the pelvic floor connection, learning to integrate both into your yoga practice, while moving intentionally. The workshop begins with a gratitude-based core meditation to bring focus to your center and highlight the importance of this part of your body, which is the seat of self and personal willpower! How can we turn on the inner core and move with ease, grace, and strength? How can we practice yoga and engage in other exercise regimens safer and more efficiently? How can we create more length and less compression on the spine, while aiding digestion and releasing some 'happy hormones' along the way? Join Alex to find your yoga glow, as you discover all of this and more!

(You can attend this workshop without having came to part 1.)

Wednesday at 🌊OceeanBliss Yoga Studio🌊 sign up here

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